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About Northeast Fundraising

Northeast Fundraising, is one of New England’s most personal youth sports and athletic fundraising company’s. We are based in Maine and NH. We live where you live.

We know when you run a Sports Team or Organization, fundraising just takes away time and attention from what you really want to do. We specialize in creating local products that your groups can use to raise money as quickly and stress free as possible.  Big or small we help provide our groups with a personalized plan, one on one, or group coaching and provide proven products to get you to your fundraising goals quickly.  We advise groups on how to raise funds using a personal, and local approach. We know your communities because we live in them! 

Our Services

Where do I start?

Just Call or Email!

Northeast Fundraising services can be customized for each Team or Group. No goal or group size is too hard for us to handle. To meet the Teams challenge, we sit down, discuss what your goals are and what you want to accomplish.

Talk about the time you want to devote to fundraising. Then make sure we have a plan in place to accomplish your goal quickly. 


What Do We Do?

We create a plan, provide you a product that’s pre built by us. It will have local focus and will resonate with your communities.

( No effort on your end!) 

Our fundraising team will coach you every step of the way, on how to get your Group or Team to the level you want. We don’t believe one size fits all. Every community and Group is different. We understand that, We are here to help!











No group is too small or too big for us.



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